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Data Curator Proof of Concept

In the information age we are the means of production. There is a direct connection between why Facebook is free, and each of us carrying around hyper-advanced, pocket-sized, data-collection tools all day, every day. We could (but likely don't) think of this as meaning that we all literally seize the means of production on an hourly basis. Despite grabbing them all the time, we haven't seized anything in the original sense of the term. What if we were to demonstrate just a wee bit of agency with regard to our data footprint?

This proof-of-concept tool is based on Malmi & Weber's 2016 work. I've so far made no attempt to do anything beyond combine apps from the categories and make them sortable by coef, share, #installs (n).

Here's how this works. On load, the table is filled with all of the apps which fit the slider positions. Flipping an individual slider will update the set of apps accordingly. Below the main table, the smaller table contains the most recently set slider's app selection.

Imagining that this data represents high-quality, real data from across the globe, one would use it as follows. Choose your demographic of choice, install the apps suggested, and then use them at least once a month (specific to Malmi et al.'s methodology). For some intents and purposes, this would disguise you.

The fundamental need for collective action remains, but at least you don't have to get off your couch.

I've written at much greater length about this subject here.

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